We work closely with our clients and interact with them on their ideas to insure a harmonious space for the whole family to enjoy. Good communication is essential, both for the initial exchange of ideas and throughout the building process, and we will ensure the final result is the one you were aspiring to.

Whether you want to create a brand new garden, garden structure or are simply looking for an inspired new planting plan. We can design the perfect extension to your living space by creating a garden that works in harmony for you.

Our designs will compliment not only the age and style of the property, but will also consider your personal tastes and vision, choosing a planting scheme and using high quality materials that are durable, look great and perform well. If a garden is designed to this level of personal specification you will feel as if your garden is an extension of your home, giving you a much greater feeling of space and wellbeing.

We survey all gardens with precise measurements to enable us to process a design and concept. We assess the conditions and possibilities of the proposed space thoroughly, including levels to enable us to design a full spatial perspective of the garden.


Pergolas & Garden Woodwork

Outstanding garden woodworking and bespoke joinery

Trellising & Fencing

Uniquely handcrafted garden architecture

Decking & Paving

Complete decking/patio service


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